Group Insurance


HealthPlus Insurance Agency works with small to medium size businesses to find Virginia group health plans that cover the needs of each member. There are several group health plans out there, but it’s extremely important to obtain the plan that fits your budget and group size. Our agents have experience with group health insurance and can help you throughout this process.

We look at the group health insurance renewal each year to see what changes need to be made and make recommendations that help you, the client save money. We also work with all of the major health insurance companies like Anthem of Virginia to find the most competitive price for our clients.  We strive to offer value added service to our clients all year long.

Having a high-quality group health plan in place for your business can help you retain and attract the top talent, so why wait any longer? Get started today by calling toll-free (800) 207-0193 or fill out the contact form to request your free Virginia group health insurance quote!