Stroke patients need Anthem Virginia insurance so that they can pay for their medications and doctor’s visits. However, after they are discharged from hospitals they are usually facing a new challenge which is how to deal with their disability or the lack of ability to function. Most of the time there will be some modifications in the medications and new drugs can make them more confused. Most of these stroke patients are suffering from complications such as forgetting to take proper medications or taking the wrong medications or sometimes getting overmedicate. These complications can lead to readmission to hospitals.

According to a study, these stroke patients can be helped by having conversations and phone calls from a stroke coach. According to Cheryl D. Bushnell, M.D., the director of Wake Forest Baptist’s Primary Stroke Center, a lot of patients are getting overwhelmed by the risk factors of stroke during their stay in the hospital. All of the education that these stroke patients get from the hospital can be quickly forgotten when they go home. Therefore a few additional teaching can be helpful to these patients when they finally get home and it can also help them in adjusting to the transformation.

Before the stroke patients will be discharged from the hospital, the coach will try to review some information with the patient and the caregiver. This information includes suggestions on how to prevent stroke as well as the appropriate time to call his physician, pharmacist or even 911. Aside from this, they will also go over a checklist which consist the risk factors of the patient and important information about his present medications such as the purpose of the medication and the correct dosage. Anthem Virginia insurance is one of the most trusted brand and you can get your quotes by visiting us at or calling us at 1-800-207-0193.


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