The amount that you have to pay for your BCBS of Virginia health insurance will greatly depend on your coverage and the type of plan that you choose.  For instance, if you want to have a lower premium then you can choose a high deductible plan.  On the other hand if you want to have a lower deductible then you will have to pay a higher premium.  If you choose a high deductible plan then you should make sure that you can meet your deductible so that the insurance company can cover your expenses.

A study conducted by the researchers at the Salk Institute has discovered a connection between diabetes and Alzheimer’s.  According to the researchers, the data that they gathered are very compelling but they cannot explain how diabetes can actually affect the cognitive system.  Now they have more understanding on the relationship between these two illnesses than ever before.

The study that they conducted shows that diabetes can indeed fasten the aging process and as an effect it can enhance the development of Alzheimer’s.  The researchers observe the brains of mice in two groups which are infected with diabetes.  Both of these groups originate from the same gene pool.  However, one group is aging normally while the other group has an accelerated pace of aging.  The researchers infected these two groups of mice with type 1 diabetes and made an observation of their brains.  In this study, the researchers permit all the proteins to develop so that they can have a better understanding on its interactions in a natural way.  The researchers discovered that both groups of mice have aged quickly after they were infected with diabetes.  Therefore, those patients who are affected with Alzheimer’s disease may experience a worse condition if they are also suffering from diabetes.

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