There are some people who are ignoring the importance of the best health plan VA. They fail to realize that health insurance coverage can indeed save lives. The Affordable Care Act wants to make sure that everyone can obtain the care that they need by requiring them to purchase their own health insurance in 2014. The new health law also implements the expansion program for Medicaid so that poor people can be covered. However, there are some states which need some guidance and assistance from the Department of Health and Human Services in implementing the expansion program for Medicaid. The Government Accountability Office said that these guidelines can help the states in the implementation deadlines.

The Affordable Care Act is expanding the Medicaid program so that individuals who are earning below 133% of the poverty level can be covered beginning 2014. According to a recent study, the expanded Medicaid coverage can definitely save millions of lives. However, the Supreme Court also ruled that states can opt not to impose the expanded Medicaid program and there are already some states that are doing so. According to HHS, they have no deadlines for states if they want to choose the expansion and no money will be taken away from them if they choose not to expand. States which implement the expansion program of Medicaid indicated that they need guidance especially in determining the eligibility of the applicants.

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid is already issuing the final guidance and they are also hosting webinars. They further stated that there will be some additional guidance that will be released later this year. States also need help in updating their system so that people can apply online if they qualify. In order to get quotes for the best health plan VA, you can go to our website at or call us at 1-800-207-0193.


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