If you are looking for the most affordable plan then you have to choose the Virginia group health insurance.  Most of these plans are offered by employers.  A portion of the premium will be paid by the employers and the rest of the balance will be paid by the employees.  This is why this type of plan is very affordable.  Aside from being affordable it can also provide coverage to your family.  In case, group health insurance plans are not offered by your employers then you can check your organizations or associations which you are a member and verify if they are offering this type of health insurance.

A new study revealed that women are more likely to die from a heart attack compared to men.  The cause of these heart attacks is the blockage of the blood flow from a certain part of the heart which can become damaged.  Researchers have made an analysis on the data that they gathered from 5,000 patients.  They concluded that women are the ones who have worse outcomes because of the lesser aggressive reperfusion or the restoration of the flow of the blood to a particular organ or tissue.  Sometime it is also caused by the longer delays on the management.  Base on the study, there are 9% of women who are experiencing myocardial infarction compared to 4.4% of men.  Women are having longer delays in contacting for medical assistance as well as in the hospital admissions.  Health care professionals are still alleviating about this gender inequalities.  Women should be active in managing their health in order to prevent further complications.  This can be done by having some modifications on their lifestyle as well as in being more aware of their health.

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