One of the best ways of obtaining health insurance quotes Virginia is through the internet.  There are a lot of websites which are offering free quotes.  But before dealing with an insurance company you have to make sure that it is legitimate.  Avoid new and small insurance companies because you might have some difficulty in obtaining claims.

Cancer of the ovaries is considered as a silent killer of women.  This is because it is very difficult to diagnose its symptoms.  Sometimes its symptoms can be confused with other types of health conditions.  The symptoms for ovarian cancer are frequent and persistent.  Each year, there are thousands of women who are suffering from ovarian cancer, but sad to say local doctors were only able to detect one or two cases in every five years.  Most tumors for the cancer of the ovaries are actually not cancerous.  However, cancerous tumors are likely to occur in older women especially those who are in their post menopausal stage.  At least 50% of tumors that are found in this group are cancerous.  Like any other types of cancers, the major element in surviving from ovarian cancer is the early diagnosis.

According to several studies, there are a lot of things that can be done during the early diagnosis stage.  In most cases, this type of cancer has its own symptoms but they are hard to detect.  In most cases, the symptoms are lesser and vague.  Some of its symptoms include reduced appetite, constant bloating and pain in the pelvis or stomach.  Some of the lesser common symptoms include changes in the pattern of bowel movement, back pain, the need to urinate urgently and abnormal lethargy.

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