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A new method of applying anti-cancer drugs has been tested on humans and they found out that it is safe.  These drugs will be delivered to tumors with the use of minicells which comes from the bacteria.  This method can be tolerated since it can make the disease stable especially for those patients who are suffering from incurable and advanced type of cancers and there are no choices for treatment that is available.  The research can also be used in delivering other types of drugs in order to treat various types of cancers.  The treatment can also be customized in order to suit the tumor of the patient.

The founders of EnGeneIC which are Dr Jennifer MacDiarmid and Dr Himanshu Brahmbhatt are the ones who created minicells.  They designed this method so that anti-cancer drugs can be applied to the tumor cells directly.  In this way, the toxic side effects from chemotherapy can be reduced.  The main target of minicells is the cancer cells and at the same time avoids normal cells.  These minicells have worked successfully in animals and in laboratories.  Today is the first time that it was tested on humans.  According to Prof. Solomon, the key element for minicells is that it can be delivered safely to those patients who are suffering from advanced cancers.

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