Most American women skip from health care due to the costs. But if they have major medical insurance Norfolk then they do not need to skip medications and health care services anymore. There are at least 43% American women who are between 19 and 64 years old who are not taking medications and skip seeing doctors due to its huge costs. American women are paying $1 billion more each year for their health insurance premiums compared to men. This large amount can be attributed to a lot of factors such as visiting the doctors more often. One of the greatest factors is the maternity coverage which can be costly.

The good news is the Affordable Care Act will stop charging women with higher costs compared to men. This is great since more women will now get encouraged in visiting their doctors more often and they will not be skipping their medications anymore. The new health care law will make sure that all American women can get access to proper health care which they need the most. This can persuade every woman to obtain their health insurance. The upholding of the health care reform by the Supreme Court last June was embraced by most people especially the women.

In 2014, all American citizens are required to purchase their own health insurance or pay a penalty. Although some people say this is a form of collecting more taxes but some people defended that this is the best way that people can get the health care that they need. Free screenings for preventive services are also offered by the new health care law. This is beneficial for women since they can obtain mammograms and other screenings without any co-payments. Quotes for major medical insurance Norfolk can be obtained at If you need more details about our health plans then contact us at 1-800-207-0193.


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